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‘Divinity: Original Sin’ Developers Larian Studios Plan to Make ‘The Perfect RPG’


Larian Studios has embraced the fan-based movement, relying on fundraising site Kickstarter to raise the cash to produce the upcoming PC RPG Divinity: Original Sin. Today they continued down that path holding an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything, the equivalent of a press conference) on the always-enjoyable reddit.com.

And Larian made it clear, the fans deserve only one thing: The perfect RPG.

Swen Vincke, CEO and Creative Director of Larian Studios, said he will know it’s the perfect RPG when “it’s the one I’ll play even after it’s finished. I haven’t done that with any of my games because there was always [something] I wasn’t happy with.”

Divinity: Original Sin, a turn-based RPG, will harken back to the original Divine Divinity released in 2002, in terms of look, feel, and play style, but will also be more customizable for those who want to create their own experience.

The elements that will be customizable include… well, everything, pretty much. The game will release with the very same editor that the studios used to build the game, so “you’ll be as “limited” as Larian when it comes to creating content,” according to the AMA. Though, the studio admits, for first time modders, the editor will have a “steep learning curve.”

Players can create and customize their own campaigns, then share with friends for customizable multiplayer. The original campaign will also have drop-in/drop-out co-op where a second player takes over as one of the first player’s two characters.

Larian Studios announced that some familiar faces from the Divinity series will reappear, including the wizard Zandalor (whose current look appears at top), and teased some big news regarding characters’ relationships and “affinity,” though they wouldn’t discuss it further until tomorrow.

Divinity: Original Sin will be released for PCs; consoles were considered, said Vincke, but dropped “due to costs and the uphill battle” presented. The project broke the $600,000 yesterday with three days of fundraising still remaining.


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