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New Details Emerge for Donkey Kong Country Returns

by on April 17, 2013


Nintendo today revealed some additional information regarding Donkey Kong Country Returns for the 3DS. For starters, the game will be made a bit more accessible for gamers of any experience level, as the game will now have three hearts instead of two, so it will take up to five hits from enemies to take you out.

Satoru Iwata also mentioned that there will be some new items in tihe game, such as the Portable DK Barrel, which lets you summon Diddy Kong more often, the Green Balloon, which lets you float back up to a ledge if you fall off, and the Crash Guard, which allows you to crash up to two times before taking damage when riding the minecart or rocket.

Finally, Iwata revealed that there will be 8 new levels unlocked after you have completed the game.  Donkey Kong Country Returns will be released on May 24.

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