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Here’s a Shocker – The Westboro Baptist Church Hates Gaymers!

by on April 15, 2013


You may not know this, but there is one topic that each and every gamer agrees on. Nintendiehards, XBoxers, and PlayStationers will all hold hands, and the first-person shooter will embrace the casual puzzler in love and harmony. What is this singular fact that joins gamers from every walk of light together?

We can all agree that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are complete and total nutjob idiots.

Yes, those delightfully psychotic and absurdly, offensively wrong freaks at the Westboro Baptist Church have turned their hellfire and stupidity towards those attending GaymerX (formerly called GaymerCon) this August in San Francisco, claiming gaymers (gamers in the LGBTQ* community) are poisoning the younger generations and what not.

Many would have taken offense at this. Some might have sunk to a screaming match with one or many of the Undisputed Champions of Dumb. But Matt Conn, founder and creative director of both GaymerX and gayming website GaymerConnect, found something even better: free advertising.



GaymerX, billed as the “first gaming convention focused on LGBT themes and queer theory for gamers and developers,” takes place August 3-4, 2013, in San Francisco. Gamers & gaymers of all walks of life, including straight allies, are welcome to attend. For more information, or to purchase badges, log on to www.gaymerx.com.

Thanks for the free publicity, you freakin’ wackos!


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