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access_time April 12, 2013 at 10:00 AM in Features by Josh Boykin

Defiance Apologizes for Rough Launch with Gear, Massive Patches

Defiance Wouldn't Be the SameDefiance, the new Trion Worlds MMO, had a rough launch. A really rough launch. A “he ran out of HP 3 seconds ago but is still shooting at me” kind of rough launch. But instead of ignoring the problems, pushing blame around or things like that, Trion Worlds has decided to do something many modern companies shy away from: they’ve apologized. It’s a politician’s style of apologizing, but it’s still a great step in the right direction.

In an email sent out to players of the game, Nathan “Oveur” Richardsson said, “Let’s face it: launch had issues. For that we sincerely apologize.” Mistakes were made, right? Still, even I’ve been impressed with how quickly the company has released patches for the game on 360, and how many issues have been resolved relatively quickly. To reward players who’ve been on since launch, the company is issuing out exclusive “Daredevil” in-game titles as well as 1-week boosts to weapons skill, scrip, loot, and XP.

The team plans to continue working to improve the game and it’s environment. The rest of Richardsson’s letter reads:

Meanwhile, we’ve been working around the clock to deliver a gaming experience that exceeds your expectations. We’ve made great improvements. There is a massive client patch coming next week and then another two weeks after that. Yes, we’re that serious about improvements, continuous evolution, updates, new content. We’re not afraid of commitment. And we’re in this for the (very) long haul.

Good for you, Trion Worlds. I’ll admit that, even though I think the story and world feels a bit generic, I’ve had fun playing the game, especially with friends. Keep the improvements coming, and I’m willing to stick around and see what happens.


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