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access_time April 12, 2013 at 9:26 PM in PC/Mac by Andrew Kent

City Of Steam Beta Bringing Tons Of New Content

steambike   I got the chance to catch up with the guys over at Mechanist Games and take a look at all of the new stuff that’s coming to their Steam punk MMORPG City of Steam. First off the team has put in an actual story line for the tutorial. During the closed Beta this was available, but since that it’s been improved. You start off in your home town on the day a beast called the Songbreaker is terrorizing the town. The Colossus, a giant mechanical being, activates itself to defend against the imminent threat. Meanwhile you’re trying to get your way out of the city and onto a rail hauler which will take you to Nexus. At one point during your escape to the rail hauler you get to see the mighty Colossus and Songbreaker in an epic battle while fire rains down all around you. Aside from that a few quests have been added and you have the ability to do a little bit of grinding before you get out of the tutorial area. Some more cool changes come with higher levels. There is the steam bike, which you can see above, as well as pets. For pets, there is quite a selection to choose from. I was able to glimpse some wolves/dogs with mechanical attachments as well as a tiny little golem, similar to the steam centurions from the Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. Mechanist Games says that there will be a ton of content awaiting players once the open Beta is released:

The Beta version of City of Steam is going to have so much new stuff! We’re actually surprised we got so much in there, with more we’re currently working on, in the short amount of time since Closed Beta. Aside from streamlining features and making the game generally more intuitive, we’ve added public instances with respawning mobs, new crafting features, cosmetic equipment… And of course, jetpacks are finally in there! There’s more to come before we are ready to release Beta, so stay tuned!

Aside from new item and monster additions, graphics have dramatically been improved since I first participated in the alpha test. They’ve even added a musical score to the game, which is quite pleasing to the ears. City of Steam is looking to be quite a polished game, but this isn’t just the developers. The fans seems to have been shaping this game as well. Mechanist Games seems to really take their fans input to heart and the game has benefited because of it. Something that larger companies today could really learn from. Stay tuned for more updates on City of Steam right here at GotGame!


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