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access_time April 10, 2013 at 5:31 PM in Features by Ryan Bates

Always-On Orth Has Been Disconnected from Microsoft


Those who live by the Tweet, die by the Tweet.

According to a GameInformer report, the now-infamous Adam “Always-On” Orth has been “disconnected” from his job as Creative Director of Microsoft Studios. According to their sources, which wished to remain anonymous, Orth committed Twittercide, resigning from Microsoft in the wake of last week’s Twitter ordeal. The source would not say if this was voluntary or forced from Microsoft themselves.

The nebulous XBox 720, also known as the Durango Project, has been rapidly gaining negative press in the wake of Sony’s moves with the PlayStation 4, refusing to comment on issues that Sony tackled, such as if the new console will be backwards-compatible, and also hinting at the fact that the console may need an “always-on” broadband connection simply for operation. Orth’s tweets responding to rumors of an always-on Internet connection, which amounted to telling consumers to suck it up and “#dealwithit,” inflamed both gamers and non-gamers alike.

Gamers took to Twitter to stand up for players who may live in areas with less-reliable internet connections, players in rural areas, and players who don’t like to be demeaned by smarmy game executives.

Microsoft issued a formal apology, while reiterating that “Always-On” Orth was not an official spokesperson of the company. However, Microsoft has not yet confirmed or denied rumors for the necessity of an “always-on” connection or for questions surrounding backwards-compatibility. They also have not responded to comments concerning Orth’s departure.


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