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access_time April 8, 2013 at 6:00 AM in Culture by Tony

Medley Melodies #2: Video Game Soundtracks

Hey there Gamers, and welcome to another article of Medley Melodies, where I’m compiling a playlist of video game soundtrack excerpts that’ll be nostalgic and enjoyable to listen to anytime!  We started off last time with:

1.) “Blow Me Away” – Breaking Benjamin – Halo 2

2.) “Wake Up” – Rage Against the Machine – Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

3.) “Ready Steady Go” – Paul Oakenfold – Juiced

4.) “Lowrider” – Cypress Hill – Street Hoops

5.) “Aisle 10 (Hello Allison)” – Scapegoat Wax – Jet Set Radio Future (JSRF)

6.) “Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)” – The Immortals – Mortal Kombat

Alrighty, then! That’s a sturdy beginning. Let’s go ahead and get adding some more, another set of six songs that’ll mix two of your favorite things–damn good music, and memorable games.

7.)    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 – “Evil Eye” – Fu Manchu


I can’t imagine how many gamers got around to skateboarding because of this. This is one of those classic games that is fun no matter at what age or in what decade you play it, and like just about any Extreme sports game, its soundtrack is highly coveted. You look up some songs on YouTube, and all the comments are about the game it was attached to.

And I could have chosen just about any song on this game’s soundtrack. Out with the old, in with the new? Not this time. This is a perfect addition to our video game playlist, which I have come to affectionately call “Pixels”.

8.) Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity – “She Sells Sanctuary” – The Cult


Vice City, as you probably very well know, had plenty of songs to choose from, with its multiple radio stations system. It’s truly impressive how much licensed music GTA got its hands on, but not when you think about how successful the series has been. It’s more impressive in comparison to other games. Now, why choose this one?

Because it’s a definitively video-game associated song. It’s also been heard in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, that powerhouse racing cornerstone, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Rock Band, and the opening credits of Dave Mirra: Freestyle BMX 2. However, maybe some of you recognize it from the movie Layer Cake, directed by Matthew Vaughn–who’s now currently overlooking all of Fox’s comics properties, and trying to fix their mistakes.

9.) Kingdom Hearts II – “Passion”/ “Sanctuary” – Hikaru Utada


Here comes Kingdom Hearts again. How nostalgic is this? This song may be a tough find on iTunes, but I’m sure there’s some way to get your hands on it. Sanctuary is the English version of Passion, both sung by Utada, who also sang the theme to the very first Kingdom Hearts as well.

The song is a unique tune and adds more variety to what we’ll be having in the playlist. I generally wanted to select those songs that instantly remind you of the game you loved attached, and let me tell you, Sanctuary is definitely that. Sora and the credits screen immediately come to mind just with those first few notes.

10.) BioShock – “Beyond the Sea” – Bobby Darin

If you were to have a top ten video game trailers of all time, BioShock’s trailer featuring Beyond the Sea would be up there. The game, a remarkable and unforgettable addition to survival horror, has you encounter phonographs during gameplay that play songs from quite a while ago, so although some may think only of Finding Nemo’s end credits, we definitely have an entirely second reason to cherish this piece of gaming history. By the way, what do you all make of Infinite’s flashbacks?

11.) Hitman: Contracts – “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” – Paul Anka

Hitman Contracts 04

Okay, we’re getting plenty more obscure now. But it’s a neat song, and although Contracts isn’t the most loved Hitman game—probably just above a par with the movie—I still enjoyed it, and this song plays during the Meat King’s Party assassination. However, I do believe it would have fit snugly in BioShock as well, if I don’t say so myself.

12.) Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller – “All I Want” – The Offspring

Do you want to feel crazy? Do you want to drift and leap into the air like the Mach 5? Then this is the game for you. And all to rush-songs that make you feel like banging your head to the beat. Don’t want to be controlled! This is one of those songs that you go on YouTube and all people talk about is the game, and if you’ve ever played Crazy Taxi 3—which was an epic game—then this song will put you right back in the cabbie’s seat.

Only three bands formed the entire soundtrack to Crazy Taxi 3. Sure, you could say the intro music also by the Offspring is the theme, but it’s too much of a stalker song and the beat is hidden after those first addictive fifty seconds. However, “All I want” from the West Coast area in the game is undeniably catchy and crazy for two non-stop minutes, and in my opinion the real theme song.

Oh, and Attention Sega: Make a real re-release of Crazy Taxi will you? That Dreamcast Collection is garbage. The music of this game practically Made it, and rounded out the high-octane attitude of the gameplay.


And that’s that! I hope you’re all enjoying this journey together, nabbing the cool music, or at the very least taking a listen back down memory lane with me. And not just skimming through the pictures like I know some of you are! You all have a good one, I know you’ve got your own got buttons to smash.



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