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Stinky Footboard: A “Different” Gaming Peripheral

by on April 3, 2013


When you hear the word “stinky”, you normally don’t think nice, neat, and clean computer/gaming peripherals. Well, the makers of the Stinky Footboard seem to think otherwise. The Stinky Footboard is a flat peripheral, similar to the Wii fitness board, with four areas (up, down, left, right) where you can press down with your foot to push a button on the board.

The board was made to give gamers an advantage, to make it easier to press those awkward keys on the keyboard when playing video games. All you need to do is plug it into your USB port and bind the keys you want to the four buttons on the Stinky Footboard.

It’s quite a simple concept, but the people behind the peripheral need $75,000 to make this board a reality. To actually get one via the Kickstarter you need to at least contribute $89 to the cause. Either that or you can pay $119 in June at retail stores to get one.

You can check out more here: Stinky Footboard Kickstarter

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