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access_time April 3, 2013 at 9:50 AM in Culture by Rachael Ward

Square Enix President Resigns

After 13 years as company  president, Yoichi Wada is stepping down from his position.

After 13 years as company president, Yoichi Wada is stepping down from his position.

It would seem that the loss of sales with Square Enix’s latest games have resulted in the company deciding to change in leadership. After being Square’s president since the year 2000, is stepping down from his position which will be taken up by Yosuke Matsuada. This is supposed to be the first step in the process of the company reconstructing aspects of the company from business models, development policies, and overall management. While the shift in power will not be in full effect until June of this year, it would seem that Square Enix is very set on improving the company in order to regain the income they seem to have lost over the past year.

The root cause of this change is specifically due to the lower than usual sales in Europe and America markets. While one of their latest titles, the most recent reboot of Tomb Raider was a critical success it seems like it is not enough to bring Square of the recent slump with low sales that has seem to hit a good majority of their major console titles. As a result, management is going through the company’s flaws with a fine toothed come in order to find and improve what it is currently lacking. Hopefully in time for new game announcement for this year’s E3, all of which are Final Fantasy titles.

Now, just putting my own two cents out there, Square-Enix going through all these changes could work out for the better. Maybe with a new president holding the reigns, Square can try going a new direction that could work out for the better of the company and better for the fan base. Though, in all honesty, I highly doubt focusing on Final Fantasy like they have been for the past decade is really going to get us there. Not that I dislike the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 9 is one of my favorite games of all time and the detail of cutscenes in recent titles has been amazing. However, there are so many other franchises that Square-Enix has barely touched on that are just as worthy for more installments. Kingdom Hearts for example. Fans have been hamoring for the final installment of the current story with Kingdom Hearts 3 for years. In my mind, that alone could bring back the numbers that Square is hoping for. While things look promising with the next gen reboot for the Thief series, I still believe that Square-Enix is squandering time and money in order to re-release old titles in the hope that they will bring back the fans. With the new management, anything is possible.


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