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access_time April 3, 2013 at 9:23 AM in Features by Rachael Ward

Sales Drop for the Wii U: Is the Price Tag Too High?

There is still a lot of potential for the Wii-U, but with low sales will it be given a chance?

There is still a lot of potential for the Wii-U, but with low sales will it be given a chance?

As the first of the three major gaming companies to release their next generation console, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be getting as big a pay off as they were expecting. While having a decent sales upon the initial release, sales for Nintendo’s new baby have dropped into the 50,000s over the past few months. This is very troubling for Nintendo due to the fact that neither of their competitors have played their cards yet and how successful those launches are going to be. If you really think about it, this was same kind of reception that both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 received not too long after their launch, so there may still be hope for the Wii U, but unless this system has an ace in the hole, it there is a chance that the new Wii will fall flat on its face just a few month out of the gate.


Now one of the biggest issues with why this console is selling so poorly, is the selling price. Looking at Amazon.com, the Wii U is for sale at the price of $365.00. Now, I know consoles are going to be expensive when they first come out, supply and demand and all that. But I never remember  any other Nintendo system costing such a pretty penny, never over $350 at least. During the holidays, people may be willing to spend that much money on a close friend or relative in order to get them the latest system. However, now that the season is over, keeping such a high price really doesn’t seem like a smart move. In my mind, the key for a successful console launch is to have a semi-reasonable price (pending on the type of hardware/software in said system), released during the holiday rush along with several big titles games unique to the console.


Looking into the Wii U’s game library, I noticed a good majority of its titles are games that can be found on other consoles or are not entirely games from Nintendo’s big franchises. The few that are present are re-releases from past consoles. If Nintendo wants to step up its game to get more Wii U’s sold, then the first thing they can do is start developing games that are recognizably Nintendo and only Nintendo, made to fit the Wii U’s capabilities. As long as they play it smart, and don’t rush to stay ahead of their competitors, the number of sales for the Wii U may increase enough to keep Nintendo above water.


  • Andrew Kent April 3, 2013 at 12:20 PM

    Nintendo seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to stuff like this. They didn’t get very good third party support for the Wii and the same seems to be happening here. Yes, third party games were around for the launch but I haven’t seen much more after that. I think that third party developers may not want to be left in the dust with Nintendo, or try to scale back their games when the XBOX 720 and PS4 come out. Nintendo picked a poor time to come out with this console, but it’s a good console nonetheless. I love the concept of the Wii U and really hope that Nintendo strives to become more innovative and give a good consumer experience. However, they need to keep in mind that people want the shiny new toy, the one with the better graphics. Because we all know that amazing graphics are what makes a great game (NOT!). Honestly, a price cut could make the difference for the Wii U but good third party support and quality games are what will keep the console afloat and competitive against Sony and Microsoft. If Nintendo were to get more indie developers on board I personally would definitely happy.

  • Justin April 3, 2013 at 3:16 PM

    It’s pretty much a matter of software. Sales tripled in the US when Lego City and Monster Hunter were released, doubled in Japan with Dragon Quest + Game and Wario, and doubled with Monster Hunter in Europe.

    Basically, if nobody picked up a Wii U during the holidays, they had no reason to pick one up since then. Once more games come out, the situation will take care of itself. People need to just chill.

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