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access_time April 2, 2013 at 8:27 AM in Culture by Tony

(App)le of my Eye: #1


Hey there GotGame readers! You getting to know me yet? Well, there’s one genre of games that doesn’t get too much attention around, well, much of anywhere. Apps! You probably guessed this is the first in an article series that’ll be pointing out fun and often free games available for your phone or iPod touch.

The more obscure the better, since you’re all probably already aware of Angry Birds and such. Don’t you want to know about some other games that are equally fun timewasters that you didn’t even know about? Well too bad because that’s where this is going!

The two features this week are:

1.) Marvel: War of Heroes


I don’t know how many of you actually got around to using MySpace when it wasn’t weird to do so, but there were plenty of Mission-based games using Vampires and Mafia as the backdrop for collecting team members and advancing levels just by clicking on buttons. There was often a stockpiling involved, in the above cases being blood and money, and rivalries were typical among users. You know, just like the comments section on any YouTube video.

Also, familiar among apps are digital trading card games, such as Shadow Era TCG, also available for free. It’s the closest you’ll get to being nostalgic about Yu-Gi-Oh without feeling guilty, but it’s also fairly redundant. And everything feels less fair because one can never be sure random is as random as it should be in a computer.

The point is, Marvel: WoH manages to intertwine almost flawlessly these two genres by using the most popular backdrop of today—superheroes. With Marvel’s incredible success, and moving into Phase 2 with Iron Man 3 coming May 3rd, it never really gets old to find superheroes and villains you like and assemble them as a team of five.

The rules of the game are simple: you have two decks, one offensive, one defensive, and you build up the levels of your cards and/or fuse them to create stronger versions of a given superhero or villain. You can also participate in special events that consistently occur. It essentially plays to the strengths of all the combined genres of games, and we all know how that works out on consoles, too. FREE, and highly recommended.

2.) Fix-It Felix Jr.


My very first article on this very special site counted Wreck-It Ralph as the greatest video game movie of all time, and it wasn’t even based on a real video game—but that didn’t stop anyone from making a game based on the movie! If you’re feeling like a good-old fashioned retro 80’s classic arcade game, I’m quite impressed with this one.


First of all, this one is also FREE. Nothing better than that. But this isn’t just an exploitation of the film, although it really could have used Ralph saying “I’m gonna wreck it!” and Felix answering “I can fix it!” when he’s all done. This game captures the simplicity and high concept-oriented system of all the classics.

The object of the game is to fix windows that Ralph breaks higher and higher up an incredibly tall building, until you reach the roof. Eventually, seagulls fly back and forth, and obstacles keep you from maneuvering left and right or upwards, making you rely on quick reflexes.

Although the controls could use some sprucing up, and you can get tired of the game after a couple tries, it remains true to arcade games—which were often quite difficult. This is a classic in its own right, a terrific tie-in to the perfect video game movie, and it’s retro—which I think means old, but cool.


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