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PSN Great for Retro City Rampage

by on April 1, 2013


Brian Provinciano shared some sales numbers of Retro City Rampage late last week, and it looks like the PSN proved strong for him.

More than $600,000 was earned and 35,000 units were sold on PSN, not counting when the game was free for PS Plus members.

PC gamers bought over 40,000 copies to earn Provinciano $400,000. Most of the sales came from Steam.

Xbox Live Arcade made $200,000 with 15,000 units sold and the WiiWare made under $10,000 with less than 2,000 units sold.

The most expensive system to develop for ended up being the XBLA version, not the WiiWare, which he thought of as a $20,000 gift to fans.

“Knowing what I know now, I would’ve skipped it,” he said regarding the XBLA version.

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