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The Halo 4UM: #1

halo-4-banner (UM)

So, welcome to my new lounge articles where I’ll be discussing nothing but Halo 4. The first, of which you likely are already aware, is the inclusion of three big empty circles for cartographers to forge on at their heart’s desire without any pesky objects in the way. You know, like Ravine. Or that weird slant Erosion takes, so you have to forge primarily over by the acid pool.

The addition, if you didn’t already know, will become free DLC on April 11th—that’s just a couple weeks from now. I appreciate what they’re trying to do, but since the biggest island has the most space, there’s really no reason to use the other two islands. Still, this is exactly what forgers want—a nice blank empty canvas with height and space. Not too much to ask!

Have you tried forging upwards, even on Impact? You can’t go very high. So, I’m positive more than a few forgers will be holding their latest idea for Forge Island. Including myself!



Also big for the forging community are the new FFA Community Maps being included in Matchmaking. The online experience was so dead. The only thing that saved it was the loyal fans of Halo itself, and one of the big things I missed about Halo was playing on community maps in Reach. People give that installment a hard time, but it was one of my favorites simply because of Forge World and it’s online relationship. 4 felt like a step backwards from that, and now we see 343 answering to the fans’ needs.

Not to mention, that most weren’t entirely impressed with the maps already given. More community maps would be incredible, including BTB, since aside from Longbows or a Meltdown now and then, where else do you go but Ragnarok or Exile? Come on. Using community maps is letting your fans do your work for you. For free! Great price tag.

The new FFA system is a gigantic leap back onto track for Halo 4, and with everything going the way it is, I think we can safely say that Halo will not go quietly into the night. We’re reminded why it’s one of the biggest franchises in gaming history, and should its current path continue, we won’t have to be nostalgic to enjoy Halo the way we used to.



…By the way, 343—any chance you could re-install the program on Waypoint that let us see how many Downloads our Maps and Gametypes get? It really encourages forgers to keep on, it helps their ego. The “like” system isn’t accurate enough to what people want, since you don’t have to “like” it to download it and love it.

How about you, dearest readers of GotGame? Any thoughts on the new FFA Community Map System? Do you hate Forge Island? Is the “like” system everything you want? Do you really hate Reach that much, or did you secretly love it and don’t want to appear strange online? Have a good one, and until next time!


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