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Rumor: Xbox 720 Logo Teased?

by on March 25, 2013


A recently created Twitter account has posted an image of what appears to be the logo for the next Xbox (Xbox 720).

The image is rumored to be from a March internal event held by Microsoft to discuss the console, and you can see from the picture, that it looks to be taken off of a screen.

The image reads “Introducing a new way to play”, with the name “Xbox” on it, suggesting, that it could be the name of the new console, much like Apple did by calling the iPad 4, simply the new iPad.

You can take this with a grain of salt but we’re getting closer and closer to E3 and with the rumors that Microsoft will unveil it’s next-gen console before the show in June, it is getting to be about that time.

If this proves to be true, what do you think of the logo?

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