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access_time March 25, 2013 at 9:22 AM in News by Ryan Bates

Respawn Point – Week Ending 3/24/13


There’s so many stories that come out during the week that to run a perfect mission is pretty damn hard, even for us. Fortunately for you, we’ve found our Respawn Point: the point where news resurfaces that you might have missed.



Everything old is new again, and three new titles were announced in the latest wave of HD “remastering.” Though two of the games are still relatively recent, they’re still getting the HD treatment already – 2001’s Final Fantasy X and 2003’s Final Fantasy X-2. The game that gave us Tidus, Wakka, blitzball, and the only direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game will receive an HD remastering in Japan; this Friday, it was announced that the US will received the HD games as well.

Because blitzball just wasn’t enough… it needs to be in HD.

If you’re picking it up for the PS3, X and X-2 will be available in one combo pack; those playing on the PS Vita will have to pick up the two carts separately.

Another title, somewhat more deserving of a remake, took the gaming world by storm, especially for retro gamers… the 1989 NES Capcom game DuckTales will be remastered! And this title is truly worthy of the “remastered” tag… the game, which will be released on PlayStation Network, XBox LIVE, and the Nintendo eShop, will feature completely re-hauled music, the original voice cast from the Disney Afternoon cartoon (including the 94-year-old voice of Scrooge McDuck, Alan Young), and totally redone HD graphics – it’s no stretch of the imagination to say it will seem like you are in the original cartoon smash.

The game will feature the original areas along with new ones, and re-imagined bosses, presented in 2.5D manner.

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Rumors have been swirling that the upcoming Bioshock Infinite held a budget of nearly $200 million to make. To put in perspective, only 15 movies ever have had a budget over $200 million. Director Ken Levine could only wish it was over $200 million.

“200 million for Infinite?” the director quipped on Twitter. “Did someone send checks to the wrong address?”

Well, if Levine didn’t get it… and I didn’t get it… I think editor bossman Ramon Aranda is holding out on our staff…




As you all know, I have championed the Wii U since even before its release… but even I am starting to worry.

Nintendo traditionally does not set price points for its consoles; as such, many retailers have cut the price of the Wii U Basic bundle by several dollars. But even then, retailers have reported less-than-healthy sales for the eighth-generation console.

Retailers are saying that Nintendo’s “silence on strategy is deafening at the moment. They’ve got to do something otherwise it is GameCube all over again.”

As usual, the downward spiral continues: Studios followed the money in Sony and Xbox, leaving Nintendo behind, then people didn’t guy Nintendo games, then studios complained that no one was buying Nintendo games, then there were no good games for Nintendo owners to buy. And it spiraled downward and downward.

The Nintendhate still reeks supreme in the eighth-generation, causing and fulfilling a self-made prophecy; however, Nintendo is at the point where they can’t just rest by name alone. They need to step in and do something. Wii U is still in its infancy, but if it’s going to make it even to pre-pubescence, they needs to act, now.

Besides… I liked Gamecube…


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