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I recently got to play a bit of Crytek’s and Trion’s free to play game: Warface. At first I was hesitant to even try it out. I’m not a PC gamer so I felt I’d be setting myself up for one very rough ride. At one point I was going to ask if I could use a USB controller. But then I thought I’d be robbing myself of an experience. As a gamer I should be able to adapt to different mechanics and such. Maybe I’ll have a preference but I shouldn’t let different control systems chase me away from what I want to do: play a video game.

My first go with Warface was the tutorial which helped quite a bit with the controls. There was a bit of a learning curve for me since I don’t play PC games. After a few minutes however, I started to get the hang of how to maneuver my character. Aiming and shooting felt responsive and strangely satisfying. The tutorial also gets you familiar with different character classes: Soldiers; Engineers; Medics; Snipers. Pressing ESC will allow you to change classes for the next spawn in multiplayer.

war 2

I mostly got to play the standard Death Match mode. It was fun but since I was still trying to memorize the controls I had a bit of a tough time. But once I got comfortable I was running, ducking, sliding and gunning with ease. I wasn’t at the top of the heap or anything but I was able to act and react without having to check where my fingers were on the keyboard as often as I had to before. Even though my kill to death ratio was abysmal I couldn’t help but give a little smirk when ever I get a kill from someone tripping on my claymore. Something I learned from the opposing team the hard way.

Another mode has you either planting a bomb or defending against it. You only get 1 life with this mode so if your entire team dies before the job is done the match is over. You can win the match solo if you’re a bad enough guy or gal, which helps create a bit of fun tension when watching your teammate take on the other team alone.


Warface has daily missions that rotate everyday for new challenges. Pro difficulty for these have friendly fire and naturally makes enemies more accurate and cause more damage. Good teamwork should be considered. The enemies also don’t spawn in the same spot every time. They spawn in different points each time to keep you on your toes. So that guy you thought might show up behind a barrel might be on the roof and BAM – lights out.

It took some time to get a handle on things but once I got used to the keyboard and mouse it was good times playing Warface. I didn’t get an exact date of release when I asked, just that it will release in 2013. Once it does be sure to check back here at GotGame for a full review.


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