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Rumor: Final Fantasy VS XIII is Final Fantasy 15 And Exclusive To PS4


Take this one with a grain of salt but VGLeaks.com is reporting two interesting rumors about the long delayed title Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  Firstly, they claim that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been retooled into Final Fantasy 15.  This makes a bit of sense seeing as how Final Fantasy Versus XIII seemingly has little to do Final Fantasy XIII.  The more interesting part of the rumor is that Sony will be assisting in the development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and that it will be a PS4 exclusive.

How believable is this rumor?  Well, Square did promise an announcement pertaining to the PS4 at E3, but they never made any mention of an exclusive title in the work.  Considering the size and budget involved in a full fledged mainline Final Fantasy game, it seems unlikely that Square could profit off of a single console release, especially on a new console with a small install base.  The only way this could work would be if Sony was also giving funding to the project, something Sony has been reluctant to do since the release of the PS3.

If the rumor is true, this would make the game a standout among the PS4’s early third party lineup which consists mostly of games like Watchdogs and Destiny which will be available on last gen consoles and presumably Microsoft’s next system.


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