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Drunk Girls Playing Minecraft “Pilot”

by on March 19, 2013

Before I became a cranky old man complaining about kids being on my lawn on the internet, I went to film school where I made a feature student film (that is pretty terrible) and a semi popular webseries that gained me a good amount of recognition, but is also very low budget as is most of my stuff because that’s just the kind of stuff I make. However, I used to make videos using a capture card (back in 2006-2008) but stopped for a long while, until recently when my friend Carina and I decided to make a podcast of my horror stories. I enjoyed her voice so much, I came to her with another project:

Drunk Girls Playing Minecraft.

The idea was simple enough. Be a drunk girl playing Minecraft. Now, this is the pilot, and I wasn’t sure if there’d be more at first, so it’s kind of shoddily thrown together. I just want you to be aware of that. Future episodes will be in (if my editing station allows) HD and much better made overall, but we’ll cross that road when we get to it. Anyway, here is the premiere episode of DGPM, all for your amusement. Enjoy!

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