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EA Trying To Thwart Potential Customer Complaints?

by on March 16, 2013


EA hasn’t had the best press recently due to the newly released SimCity. The game has been plagued by the chain and ball that is an always on internet connection constantly. Server issues have been causing the game to be unplayable, leaving consumers frustrated and wanting to, rightfully, complain to the company. It seems though that unfortunately, EA is blocking the customer assistance hotline number on their forums. User LeLedg on the forums reports that when the number is typed on the forums that it is replaced by asterisks. They also tried various other numbers but none of them seemed to be censored at all.

Its surprising that today, when companies in the industry are dropping like flies, that a publisher that pulls stunts like EA is still around. If you want to put in a complaint to EA the customer assistance hotline number is: 866-543-5435. Please spread the number to fellow customers who wish to make a complaint about SimCity.


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