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The 5 & 1 Review | Coaster Creator 3D

CC Cover

Welcome back to another 5&1 Review. This time, I’ll take a look at a recent 3DS eShop title, Coaster Creator 3D

Coaster Creator 3D

CC1What is the game: Coaster Creator 3D strips away all of the extra theme park management that games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon offers and instead offers just a solid roller coaster creator tool. Many different types of coasters can be created, with loops, twists and more fully customizable.

How does it work: The game makes full use of the touchpad to help make some interesting coasters. On the touchpad, you can set where a turn will go, how steep a hill will be, loop-de-loops and other coaster mainstays. In addition, after making a coaster, you can sit in any of the seats to ride the coaster and see how it handles, along with looking at the coaster through various camera angles to see it in action.

There are two modes to try in the game, Career and Sandbox. The Career mode features 20 challenges that helps train you on the game’s various mechanics on how to make a coaster that doesn’t get stuck on a hill or end up terrible. Challenges can range from trying to make a coaster pass through all balloons in a level to making one that doesn’t go upside down and more. While the challenges are interesting for a bit, once you beat them you’ll never come back to them. The mode is basically in the game to let you unlock various locations, tracks, cart styles and decals, along with just getting a handle on the mechanics.

CC2The mode that has longevity for coaster fans is the Sandbox mode, which lets players make whatever type of coaster they want and refine it to however they want it designed. After designing it, various theme park items can be placed around the coaster to decorate the area. However, the items never bring in money or even do anything, they’re just aesthetics.

In addition, there is also a minigame to play after making a coaster called Star Roller. The game has players collecting stars while removing arrows to avoid strikes. It doesn’t really add much to the game, but it is a simple diversion from time to time.

The biggest problem people may find is that the game is fairly simplistic and short. However, considering it’s an eShop title, the length is about right for the game once you complete the challenges and design some coasters of your own.

Who should buy it: Fans of Roller Coaster Tycoon. Sure, it’s not as in-depth as far as overall theme park experience goes, but the coaster creation is detailed and enjoyable to try. Plus, you can share creations with other coaster fans via QR code, similar to the image shown below.


When should you get it: Whenever you need a break from other 3DS titles. Coaster Creator 3D won’t hold your interest for long, but it will entertain you as you make some entertaining coasters and design a park around it.

Where is it available: On the 3DS eShop.


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    Doesn’t sound too fantastic.

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