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Is Madden 25 Skipping the Wii U?

by on March 11, 2013

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EA today sent out a press release concerning the cover athlete vote for Madden 25.  However, the biggest thing to come out of it, or not come out, is mention of the Nintendo Wii U.

In the release, EA says the game “will be available for the Xbox 360…and PlayStation 3…for $59.99”.  Not a single mention of the Wii U (nor Wii, Vita or 3DS for that matter).

So is EA completely skipping out on a Wii U version of the game? So far, that seems to be the case.

Strangely enough, Madden 13 was released on the Wii U, but was released without the new physics engine found in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, though it did have exclusive GamePad functionality.  Pressed about the physics engine, EA said it would be implementing it in the 2014 edition of the game.

Who knows if EA is perhaps planning an alternate version of the game, or if they’ll just skip it all together, but this can’t be a good sign for Wii U fans hoping to get the latest Madden.  Asked for clarification about the situation, an EA spokesperson told GotGame via email that, “we don’t have any additional platform info to announce at this time.”

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