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“Blackest Night” DLC Possibly Coming To Injustice: Gods Among Us

by on March 11, 2013



Not even out yet, Injustice: Gods Among Us already has some leaks about their first bit of DLC. Amazon Germany has a page for the aforementioned DLC, called the Blackest Night DLC. But not only is this a small leak, it has a full blown trailer for the DLC as well. Oopsie! Amazon Germany hasn’t even removed the page either, yet.

For those who don’t know, Blackest Night is a story arc dealing  with Green Lantern and the different Lantern Corps. A new corps appeared called the Black Lantern Corps which are comprised of zombies essentially. Lots of dead heroes are brought back as zombies and added to this corps by the power of the black ring. So all in all it’s a zombie skin DLC for the DC characters.

It genuinely cool that the developers are placing in actual canon from certain story arcs. I personally would like to also see skins for White Lantern Corps characters to be added.

What story arcs from the DC Universe would you like to see added on as DLC for Injustice?


Amazon Germany Page

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