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access_time March 7, 2013 at 9:07 AM in Features by Justin Weinblatt

Lego City Undercover Is “The Best Game On The Wii U”


In a recent interview with Now Gamer Loz Doyle, lead developer for TT Fusion, had some pretty bold words about the upcoming Lego City Undercover.

“I hope other developers don’t mind me saying this, but this is the best game on the Wii U at the moment.  I think the game is eagerly awaiting by many people and I’m sure that it will sell consoles for Nintendo.  I also think it’s got real long term appeal, I don’t see it getting old for the life of the Wii U so I hope it will be a huge success.”

Even considering the Wii U’s young age, these are still pretty bold words for a system that boasts such games as Assassin’s Creed III, Mass Effect 3, New Super Mario Bros U, and Arkham City.  But, based on early footage and impressions of the game, TT Loz may just be telling the truth.  Lego City Undercover certainly looks to be the most ambitious exclusive to hit the Wii U yet.  Lego City promises the huge amount of variety and exploration with the charm and warmth that has defined the Lego franchise.  According to TT Fusion, Lego City Undercover will also make the most of the Wii U.

“I can’t imagine the game working on any other system.  We’d always wanted to do a Lego City game, and we’d always wanted to work with Nintendo.  The Lego and Nintendo brands are a very natural fit, I think anyone would agree. When we were first shown an early version of the Wii U, we knew they Lego City Undercover was the perfect match for the console.  The available RAM on board meant we could create the city we wanted to, and the GamePad just opened up so many gameplay opportunities.   We had to reign in the design team because they were coming up with so many uses for it.”

The Lego franchise has been one of the best franchises this generation for games that appeal to all ages.  Pairing with Nintendo does indeed seem like a natural fit.  Hopefully, the final product, due out on the 18th, will live up to TT Fusion’s words.


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