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Skyrim: Hearthfire Review


Now that the PS3 fans of Skyrim are finally being treated to the amazing trio of DLC, we have the second piece of the puzzle ready to go.

The second expansion for the ps3 is Hearthfire or whatever. This is perhaps one of the smaller pieces of DLC for the game priced only at 4.99, it is easily one of the more affordable pieces. Not much more than horse armor, eh?

Starting off with Hearthfire, you will be greeted by a courier who will direct you to a Jarl with whom you will have a small quest to complete and in return, he will grant you with a land deed for a plot near his city.

This is where Hearthfire really begins to take shape (literally). When you arrive at your parcel, you will have a few tools at your disposal. You will have an anvil for you to create pieces for construction such as nails, hinges, and locks. You will also have a drafting board for you to create the mansion of your medieval dreams. The plans start off relativly small with a one room house. Then, at your will you will be able to expand upon the basic design by adding more rooms with different functions.

In the course of the game you will most likely acquire a mass amount of items, weapons, and armor and there is not a singular great way to organise them. The way that you design your home can greatly help with your organization you can add an alchemy lab where you will be able to grow hard to find ingrediants. You can also create an armory where you will be able to outfit mannequins that will prominetly display your favorite sets of armor.

There are more things to add such as your own personal stables, gardens and everything that you would use in a city, in one, easy to access location. There is a huge crafting mechanic in Hearthfire where you will have to find items that don’t regularly spawn in the world but they will be available at regular vendors throughout the world. The main items that you will use can be obtained from your house steward who can outsource the materials. But, if you are looking to decorate the manor with more ornate items, you will have to look for materials elsewhere.

skyrim hearthfire

Those of you who are looking for something exciting to add in terms of the storyline you will be better served with one of the other expansions. This is more of a toolset for those of you who are hoarding a large amount of items and are looking for something to do with all of those pieces of iron sitting in your inventory. But if you are a fan and still want another reason to get set up a home for your wife and potential children, this will be a great addition.

In all respects, I can’t recommend for you to spend money on it if you are looking for something to build on the story. But if you are a fan of Skyrim and want to see more DLC from them , purchasing Hearthfire would be a great way to tell the team at Bethesda thanks. Otherwise, save your five bucks.


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