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Skyrim: Dragonborn PS3 Review


Yes, Ill admit I still haven’t finished the epic game of Skyrim (still have to kill the last boss), but in the case of the Dragonborn expansion released last week on the PSN, it doesn’t matter because you get more of everything!

In order to get this expansion to begin, you will have to complete a mission from the greybeards to retrieve a special horn in the main game. From there all you will have to do is travel to Windhelm and then the story will unfold before you, giving you directions of where to go to access the world of the Dragonborn.

When you first arrive in this new area, those of you who have made the trip to Morrowind in previous iterations of the Elder Scrolls series will see familiar sights and creatures from the previous game. There are also new enemies and dragons to dull your blades on as well. Some of the most annoying creatures for me had to be the ash spawn, these monsters are constantly popping up in random areas, usually in groups of three and are constantly using magic and fast attacks to throw you off your game. You will also find a new story arc which will bring you to another world within a world dominated by another dragonborn that is trying to take over the world.

For those of you who have played a great amount of Skyrim, expect to see a similar progression to that of the Daedric Princes. there will be multiple powerful bosses in Dragonborn who each will have special armor that you will be able to use and abuse.  Speaking of new armor, Dragonborn also introduces new materials and armor sets for you to create. You will find diamond like stones called stahlrim and they will be able to provide some of the strongest armor to date in the game.

I hope that you like to read those books that seem to be everywhere, in fact, you will encounter a realm where it seems to be made up entirely of these books. It is very whimsical to enter but then it takes a dark turn to capture your worst nightmare of being trapped in a library teaming with ghosts and tentacle monsters out to destroy you. The scariest part of this portion was all of the books that i felt that i had to read in order to make sure that i did not miss anything in the expansion. There are some useful writings to find but for the most part they are easy to ignore.

The rewards that Dragonborn has to offer greatly validates the $19.99 price point. The best in the game for me by far is the option to respec your skill points. For the longest time, I was a wood elf trying to play the part of a destruction based mage. This option let me remove all of those points and place them into my archery tree and now my character just feels broken, but on the bright side I will have a shot at finally beating the last boss.  There are a lot of other useful gimmicks in Dragon born, ranging from having a boost in abilities or having the skill to summon a shopkeeper at anytime to sell off any useless items.

Dragonborn was the needed motivation that I needed to get back into the game, they have ironed out the kinks that were making me take a hiatus from it and i have to say that since this expansion came out, I have found a whole new love in the world of Skyrim/Morrowind.


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