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access_time February 20, 2013 at 9:19 PM in Culture by Sean Garmer

Playstation 4 To Release Just in Time for the 2013 Holiday Season

PS4 Holiday Release

While the event itself wound up being a little more than window dressing for what now will be one of the biggest E3’s in history. Sony did announce the Playstation 4, some of its features, a new controller, a new Playstation Eye, and showed off some impressive looking exclusive and third party games.

However, they did not actually show off the actual hardware, tell us how much local storage the system has, if it will come in a variety of SKU’s, or most important of all, the price point.

Here is what we know so far based on announcements made at the Future of Sony Meeting:

Amongst all the endless talking about simple, personalization, immediacy, integrated, they actually revealed some static information and also some hopeful information about the next generation console.


First of all, is some technical hardware info that I don’t quite understand, but maybe all of you techies out there might. The PS4 boasts supercharged PC architecture, 8GB of shared internal memory, it uses a “Jaguar” X86-64 CPU, APU technology with a next generation AMD Radeon graphics processor, runs the Unreal 4 Engine, and has GDDR5 memory. It will come with a Blu-Ray Drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, several 3.0 USB ports, an AUX port, supports all the standard outputs including 1080P HDMI and comes with a Mono headset for chatting and gaming purposes.

Probably the most important information out of that for gamers is that there will be a local hard drive but I’m guessing that will be one of the things Sony unveils at E3 2013 because they omitted it here. Sony says the PS4 is “created by game developers for game developers.” The PS4 also has the ability, thanks to a second chip, to push downloads and updates to the background. The best part is that the PS4 allows gamers to play digital games as they are being downloaded or updated thanks to the aformentioned chip.

Gamers will also be able to upload real time gameplay, whether it be 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 10 hours all players have to do is hit the share button on the new controller and they can instantly upload the gameplay to the PSN and your friends can see it as well. Speaking of those friends, they can also watch you play a game in real time and visit your facebook like page on PSN. Sony says the PS4 will become your new social media hub and eventually will learn things about you as well.

Facebook PSN

Now here comes the hopeful information about the PS4, as it relates to Gakai. can talk about being the “world’s fastest gaming network” all they want, but it means nothing until gamers get their hands on it and try it out for themselves.

Sony says Gakai will be able to grant players the ability to do some pretty awesome things. If the cloud gaming service is able to pull this stuff off it might change the way we look at gaming forever. Sony boasts that Gakai will allow players to post comments instantly while watching a friend play a game and that same friend can even offer in-game assistance if needed. Players will also be able to download and demo anything in the Playstation Store as well. Sony also tried one last ditch effort to entice gamers into getting a PS VITA by promoting remote play for every PS4 game to the PS VITA. This is very similar to what Nintendo did with the Wii U and it’s included tablet controller.

PS4 Remote Play

Finally, perhaps the most crucial and controversial part of the service is that Sony hopes to put backwards compatibility to all of its games from the PS1 onward into the Gakai streaming service. Sony did not mention any specifics about this, but I highly doubt Sony will find a way for gamers to be able to play games they already own for free on the service. They might for PS3 games, but the older generation games will probably have to be re-bought. Sony does promise that Gakai will work with the PS4, PS3, PS VITA, and even some tablets and smart phones as well.

There is still a lot to learn about the Playstation 4, but at least Sony came out of the gate swinging this generation and beat Microsoft to home plate.


  • Skeeter February 21, 2013 at 4:21 PM

    Why is sony making a PS4? When the games can only be play in 720P.Not in1080i or 1080P?

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