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access_time February 15, 2013 at 11:02 AM in Culture by Sean Garmer

UK Used Games Retailer GAME Says “They Will Find A Way to Deal With No Used games”

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Today, Microsoft announced that for a 25th consecutive month the Xbox 360 was the highest selling console in the United States with 281,000 units sold in January. You have to wonder how many people bought the console because they knew they could go to a local store and for the price of one new game, (60 bucks), could have bought two or three pretty good games instead.

According to Videogamer.com, UK Used Games Retailer GAME, says that they don’t yet know what Sony and Microsoft have planned for the next generation of gaming, but they will deal with the blocking of used games if it happens.

“We are constantly evolving and will continue to provide a relevant and leading proposition for consumers, regardless of whether or not next generation consoles restrict the use of second hand software.”

Microsoft and Sony’s decision on how to proceed with the “issue” of used game sales may be a huge determining factor not only on gaming’s bottom line, but the viability of businesses like GAME, Gamefly, and Gamestop. Restricting used games could basically put these companies out of business and they may have no way of forcing console makers to stop it either.

So, as Gamestop pointed out previously, when stating that “60 percent of gamers would not buy a next gen console if it did not support used games, it really is up to consumers to take a stand against Microsoft and Sony and decide the fate of used games.

Considering that Sony is due to make an official announcement on the future of the Playstation brand on Wednesday it behooves them not to comment on this critical situation, so I am sure we won’t hear anything from Microsoft on the subject either. Regardless, I think there is no doubt that if the rumored plan does go through it will have a huge effect on gamers. Gamestop may be aiming a bit too high with their “60 percent” figure, but even 30 percent is not a small number.

It looks like Sony and Microsoft have a lot to consider before they make these major announcements about the future of home consoles. For GAME and Gamestop’s sake, I am sure they are hoping used games will not be affected.


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