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Buy or Sell: Used Games, THQ, Rayman Legends, E3

buyorsell-21513It’s been a while, but we’re finally back with another edition of Buy or Sell!  This week, we have Ryan Bates and Todd Vote joining us to discuss various topics, starting off with some thoughts on THQ.

You were saddened by the demise of THQ.


Ryan Bates: Buy. Of course I was! Let’s face facts: THQ for some reason wasn’t financially profitable, but they had some great, quality games, such as the Saints Row series, Destroy All Humans!, and Metro 2033. They also were a great publisher of kids’ games, as well as the WWE licensing and the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth. Now, all those IP series are in jeopardy; those that come back, we wonder if they’ll come back in the same form and/or same quality. Maybe I’m viewing this pessimistically but when studios shutter up, everything and anything is on the chopping block.

Todd Vote: Buy. Any time a company closes, and people lose jobs it is a sad time. You have to feel for the ones that are being hurt the most by this closing of a major publisher… As far as games go, all but one franchise that I was worried about were picked up by a different studio, so there is really no sadness there. Not to mention, there are already rumors that we may have Saints Row 4 by the end of the year.. So gaming wise, not to sad, but very saddened that so many people will be out of work.

If the next Xbox or PlayStation block the use of pre-owned games, it will be a deal breaker (of buying that console) for you.


Ryan Bates: Buy. Not just dealbreaker, instant dealbreaker. I wouldn’t want to even write about the consoles, if this were true. As long as video game stores have been around, gamers have relied on used/pre-owned games to fill holes in their collection, catch up on games they may have missed out on, or just keep current while on a budget. And stores work very hard to offer quality pre-owned games that work every time. It would be like car lots not being able to sell used cars. It would be nothing short of the highest definition of greed from Microsoft or Sony if this were to pass.

Todd Vote: Buy. I can’t stress enough how bad of an idea this is… I think used games are a very very important part of the industry, whether the publishers/developers want to admit it or not! I can’t count the number of times that me purchasing a used game, usually part of a franchise, has led to me buying the next game in the series at retail. I have no problem supporting the things I feel are worth it with a retail purchase. The fact remains, however, that a lot of developers, for all the good they put out, still put out some stinkers.

You telling me I should pay $60 for a completely shitty game, and just be stuck with it? That is just fine, but do not ever expect me to buy one of your company’s games again. This is bad, bad, bad, and I haven’t even touched on what this does for our ability to borrow or loan a game to a friend.

It would be wise of EA to release a yearly Battlefield game, much how Activision does with Call of Duty.


Ryan Bates: Sell. I dunno… maybe not. I’ve learned my lesson with over-saturation of media.

Remember the show Deal or No Deal? When it came to America, everyone was so stoked on it… a million dollar prize! No hard trivia! Stressful choices! It was a weekly hit. Then it was a twice-weekly hit. Then it was two episodes twice-weekly. Then it was every night. And by that point no one cared anymore. Overload sent us looking for someone else. The tough decisions posed by the Banker were mundane now at this point. I feel that Call of Duty is headed down this pathway, and personally I would not recommend it for Battlefield.

Todd Vote: Sell. Do you see the backlash that Activision gets with the yearly CoD releases? Or how about the backlash that EA already gets for the yearly Madden “roster update”? I know quite a few people who enjoy Battlefield, and the support the game has gotten DLC wise. I would say EA is better doing it the way they are doing it now. Create the best game they can, offer tons of after release support as they have done, while working to make the next game in the series even better.

Ubisoft’s decision to postpone the Wii U version of Rayman Legends (in order to release it at the same time as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions) is unacceptable, given that the game was pretty much done.

Rayman: Origins

Ryan Bates: Sell. While the decision is not very popular to Rayman fans who have a Wii U, or Nintendo fans who always seem to get the shaft when it comes to multi-ported games (Injustice, I’m looking at you… no fight stick for Wii U pre-orders?), I wouldn’t say it’s unacceptable. Maybe they just want to release all on the same day for simplicity, or to not “offend” other console players? Both weak excuses, and I’m certainly not defending the move, but business is business, so once again, Nintendo people get the shaft.

Todd Vote: Sell. Why is it unacceptable? Would it be the first time something like this has happened? Granted, they could have released the Wii U version of the game and then just released the other two when they were ready to go, but I don’t think that necessarily means they have done wrong by any of the gamers or anything like that. Delays happen for a multitude of reasons…

You are hyped up about the HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.


Ryan Bates: Sell. I’m interested, but “hyped up” I’m not. If it was a new Zelda, I’d be “hyped up.” Wind Waker was a good game and all, don’t get me wrong, but I’m ready for a Wii U Legend of Zelda.

Todd Vote: Sell. *ducks to avoid flying rocks*. If I was a fan of Zelda, I am sure I would be extremely excited about this, but as it sits, Link and I have taken exactly two adventures together, and those were his first two on the NES. Beyond that, I have just never really gotten into the Zelda world.

This year’s E3 may be one of the most amazing shows ever (new Wii U titles, likely PS4/Xbox 720 details).


Ryan Bates: Buy. I think every E3 is amazing! I don’t understand anyone who can go to E3 and look at everything and just go “meh.” There’s something for everyone at E3. Even if there were no consoles being announced, the games announced are enough for a gamer to count down the days to the event. Plus, the events are just tons of fun. And booth babes. Yeah, I said it.

Todd Vote: Buy. It certainly is seeming like E3 this year could be jam packed full of goodness. For all the reasons you mentioned. I know I am waiting for someone to get me excited about the next generation of gaming consoles. I got to be honest, what I am hearing so far has not really sold me on anything. I’m hearing things like “always connected to the net”, “no used games”, “digital only format”. I got to say, I am not excited about the prospect of any of the three of these… So E3 is definitely something I am looking forward to, if for no other reason, I just want them to make me feel good about the next generation.

Bonus Question: What was your favorite THQ game of all-time and why?

WWF No Mercy

Ryan Bates: I liked the WWE games and Destroy All Humans! But my favorite, I have to say (and I don’t care what anyone else thinks) was You Don’t Know Jack (2011). The THQ title literally breathed life back into the franchise, launching it back to party-game popularity, and leading to the Facebook version of the game that just won 2012’s Spike VGA for Best Social Media Game. Now that’s a comeback story.

Todd Vote: My favorite THQ game of all time? I would have to go with WWF No Mercy. I know that probably seems cliche, but when that game came out, I was a huge wrestling fan, so it had everything a fan could possibly want. Branching storylines, FANTASTIC gameplay, and it was just a blast to play. There is a reason many people, myself included, view it as the best wrestling game of all time.


  • Todd Vote February 15, 2013 at 2:29 PM

    You know, I enjoyed the demo of ‘You Don’t Know Jack’, rented the game, and realized, I truly don’t know Jack…

  • Ramon Aranda February 15, 2013 at 6:43 PM

    LOL, it’s fun…I play the Facebook version a lot.

  • Ryan Bates February 16, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    I’ve been a “Jack” fan since it started in the late ’90s. THQ picked it up and put it back on its feet.

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