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access_time February 11, 2013 at 2:15 PM in Culture by John Speerbrecker

Hold Back Your Vomit, G4 transforms into Esquire in April


If you were one of those who loved 24 hour marathons of C.O.P.S. on G4, you will have to get your fill in now. As of April 22nd, they will officially assimilate into the global marketing machine known as Esquire.

Many of the personalities that have made G4 a great channel to watch have left already and there is a skeleton crew still keeping it together. But now we will get to see a “guy’s version of the Bravo channel?” So I guess this whole time that I’ve been watching Bravo means that I’m a woman. Great, so now ill have to get a divorce.

They are still gonna try to capitalize on the 18-34 demographic by having cutting edge cooking shows with names like,”Knife Fight.” Personally I would rather see an actual knife fight. They will also have a celebrity travel show called “The Getaway.”  They will have to cover a lot of ground in this area because as of now,” Elisabeth Stanton’s Big Big World” has me hooked every Saturday.

So Esquire, if you want me to watch you, you really need to lower your standards.



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