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Rumor: Next Xbox to Have Siri-Like Voice Recognition

by on February 8, 2013


According to a report from The Verge, the next-gen Xbox (aka Xbox 720/Durango) will supposedly have enhanced Kinect capabilities that will give it Siri-like voice recognition, as well as speech-to-text.

Sources tell the publication that Microsoft is also looking into using the Kinect sensor to detect people in a room and suggest appropriate multiplayer games, which honestly sounds kind of creepy. Can you imagine walking into your living room with your family or friends, and have the Xbox suddenly start talking to you about what you should play? Remember that old Milo demo from E3 a few years ago that had the virtual child talking to you about stuff you were doing while in the room?  Not sure we really want that going on, but to each their own.

The natural language detection feature however, would be nice, as walking up to your Xbox and asking something like “Xbox, which one of my friends are online right now?” or something like that sounds cool.

The current capabilities of Kinect to understand what you’re telling it are quite futile in most cases, so any improvement would be welcomed.

The Verge also states that users will be able to resume video content by simply asking the Xbox to play that movie.  With Skype expected to be front and center of video chat for the next Xbox, speech-to-text will likely be a useful features as well.

Obviously at this point, it’s all hearsay, but with E3 inching closer as the weeks go by and with Sony ready to divulge into what it’s planning to do next on Feb. 20, Microsoft is no doubt planning their next move too.

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