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access_time February 6, 2013 at 6:33 PM in Features by Josh Boykin

EA Rated Metacritic’s Best Major Publisher of 2012


Metacritic has, in its aggregate wisdom, declared a Best Major Publisher of 2012 based on aggregate reviews…this year’s winner is EA. I’ll admit, I was about to freak the hell out, but then I remembered that little game called Mass Effect 3…that put things into a bit of perspective. Of course, EA did its standard franchise-milking of sports titles, but even some of those weren’t so bad. But then there was Medal of Honor: Warfighter… it’s reviews weren’t so hot.

The Top 10 breakdown for the Major Publishers was as follows:

1. EA (75.2)
2. Microsoft (73.0)
3. Sony (72.3)
4. Nintendo (71.2)
5. Capcom (70.4)
6. Warner Bros. (70.6)
7. Ubisoft (68.2)
8. Konami (69)
9. Sega (69.9)
10. Activision Blizzard (64.4)

Companies which had a big influence but didn’t ship as many games, companies like Take-Two and Telltale Games, were placed on a Midsized publishers list. And that’s probably good for the major publishers, because with scores of 83.1 and 83.9 it makes it look like the majors have some work to do. Sure, “everyone loves to hate the Yankees,” but I really do hate the Yankees. Perhaps because they make tons more money than I do. Perhaps because they get paid to play baseball.

Metacritic calculated the scores by multiplying the company’s aggregate Metascore by 1.5 for all the titles it shipped that year, then adding up to 100 points for the percentage of titles it shipped that got ratings of 75-89. Up to 100 points were subtracted for the percentage of games that received 20-49 ratings, and a 10-point bump for every game rated 90+.


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