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Nintendo Posts Q3 Financial Results Turns Profitable For The Year


Earlier, Nintendo posted their results for the third quarter of the current fiscal year.  The results for the company were fairly positive.

Through the first two quarters of the fiscal year, Nintendo’s operating income was about -319.74 million dollars.  After the third quarter, net operating income is at -65.05 million dollars.  This means that while operating income is still negative for the year, Nintendo has made a good deal of progress in reversing their fortunes.  This is largely due to the strength of the 3DS which has offset losses taken on Wii U hardware.

Nintendo’s net income is at 160.36 million dollars for the fiscal year so far.  At the end of the last quarter Nintendo posted losses of 308.67 million dollars for the first half of the fiscal year.  This means that Nintendo earned about $450 million dollars over the last quarter.  This was again due to the strength of the 3DS, particularly in Japan, and more favorable exchange rates due to weakening of the Yen compared to the US Dollar and Euro.

Over the year, Nintendo sold 2.15 million DS Units, bringing the lifetime sales of the DS to 153 million units.  Nintendo sold 30.24 million DS games, and have sold a total of 930 million to date.  Nintendo sold 3.5 million Wiis to bring the lifetime sales to 99.38 million.  Software sales totaled 45 million bringing lifetime sales to just over 863 million.

Looking at current generation hardware, the 3DS sold 5.04 million units in Japan, 3.98 units in America, and 3.69 million units in other regions.  This totals 12.71 million units.  Nintendo sold 39.5 million 3DS games, bringing lifetime sales to 85 million.  The Wii U has sold 830,000 units in Japan, 1.32 million in the US, and 900,000 units in other regions.  This totals 3.06 million.  Nintendo has sold 11.69 units of Wii U software.

In terms of individual titles, Nintendo announced that New Super Mario Bros. 2 has sold 5.96 million copies.  Pokemon Black and White 2 has sold 7.63 million copies so far.  New Super Mario Bros U has sold 2.01 million copies, and Nintendo Land has sold 2.33 million copies.  Animal Crossing New Leaf has sold 2.73 million copies when factoring in digital sales.

Nintendo has lowered their forecast for Wii U sales from 5.5 million to 4 million.  Nintendo originally predicted an operating income of 220 million dollars for the full fiscal year, but are now anticipating a 220 million dollar operating loss.  Despite this, Nintendo is forecasting a net operating income of 154 million for the full year.  This is up from their original 66 million dollar prediction.

For those of you who wish for more details, the financial report can be viewed at Nintendo’s Investor Relations Page .


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