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GotGame Daily News Update: Video Games Are A “Bigger Problem Than Guns” And More

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Welcome to the GotGame Daily News Update. Today is Wednesday, January 30th, 2013.


Nintendo lowering it’s expectations

PS3 Skyrim lovers(haters?) might be seeing the dark and cold atmosphere of Skyrim soon

Medal of Honor Warfighter is being left in the dust by EA

and a Senator who says video games are more troublesome than guns

First off tonight, Nintendo reported their third quarter results for the current fiscal year. Despite a good quarter, the company has lowered their forecast for Wii U sales. Originally they predicted 5.5 million sales for the console, but that has since dropped to 4 million. For more information about Nintendo’s fiscal year, check out the link below.


To all you hardcore gamers who enjoy Dead Space, rejoice! Dead Space 3 will have four difficulty modes that are unlocked when you play through the game at least once. Classic mode, which takes out the new fangled crosshairs and user interface for the resource management and goes all old school on you. Hardcore mode, which might be the most challenging, gives the player one singular life and only three saves in the whole game. The upside is that you get a weapon to match the intensity. Then there’s Pure Survival mode where every item has to be crafted. Enemies will drop the resources needed to craft stuff and nothing more. There will also be a New Game+ mode. As for DLC, there isn’t much information on it yet but it will apparently be quite disturbing.


It seems that PS3 Skyrim players will finally be able to experience what PC and XBOX 360 users have experienced a looooong time ago: the ever elusive PS3 DLC for the game. Pete Hines of Bethesda tweeted that the Dragonborn will be out some time in February as well as Hearthfire and Dawnguard. All DLC will be 50% off the first week they launch for the PS3. To top that off PC users will be seeing the Dragonborn DLC on February 5th.


After such a low interest for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, EA games is taking it out of the lineup. Apparently there was also a slowdown that affected the entire sector that contributed to this decision. EA’s COO Peter Moore claimed that the scores reviewers gave the game were “lower than it deserved”. Yep EA, you keep on thinking that.


Finally tonight I give you US Senator. Senator Lamar Alexander, who happens to be a republican, is placing more blame on Video Games. So so what you say? Well, he claims that video games are a larger problem than guns. This is why I urge you gamers to keep current with the views of your senator and see if they match your own.

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Your question of the day readers:

Do you think that video games are a problem? Are we as adults so impressionable that video games will drive us to kill people?

Leave what you think in the comments section below!

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