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Bioshock Infinite’s Got Pre-Order Bonuses (Including a Puzzle Game)

by on January 24, 2013


There’s plenty of reason to be stoked about the upcoming Bioshock Infinite, even though the title won’t necessarily have a lot to do with the original game or its sequel (for better or for worse on that second part). Of course, with the release of any triple-A title comes the inevitable bevy of pre-order bonuses, and Infinite‘s got some of its own.

As reported by Destructoid, you’ll be looking at grabbing 500 bonus currency, 5 lockpicks, three bonus in-game items, and the Industrial Revolution puzzle game. You can see the bonuses in action by watching the video below, but considering the in-game items basically just let you move faster, do more damage, and run away more quickly, well…

But hey, it’s Bioshock, right?

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