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access_time January 22, 2013 at 7:54 AM in News by Joe Roche

Strange Wii Shop Purchase Problem


If I had one complaint about the Wii U it’s that the backwards compatibility with the Wii is a bit of a hassle, requiring you to switch from the Wii U menu to a trimmed down “Wii Mode.” This appears to be causing problems all over the place as it now turns out that all of your Virtual Console or WiiWare purchases made through the Wii Mode (whether transferred over or brand new) are not generating the equivalent “coin” value for Club Nintendo.

Why does this awkward glitch appear? I guess because you can’t link your Club Nintendo account to the virtual Wii that exists inside your new Wii U. Confused yet?

The only solution seems to be to make sure you buy whatever you want on the Wii, get the coins and THEN transfer everything over to the Wii U. However, if that ship already sailed for you then you can forfeit the coins and just buy on the Wii U. Not the best solution but the way I’m dealing with the problem is by pretending I cared about Club Nintendo coins in the first place.


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