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access_time January 21, 2013 at 10:50 PM in Features by Ryan Bates

Microsoft May Win Eighth-Gen Race, And That’s Okay By Sony


The worst-kept secrets in gaming are the eighth-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and while no one’s officially talking about it, it’s on everybody’s unofficial lips. And while the race to unveil a new PS4 or XBox 720 is officially not happening, unofficially the two companies are already jockeying for position.

According to rumors, there’s every indication that Microsoft might be the first challenger to the Wii U, the first eighth-gen console. And in Sony’s eyes, well, that’s just fine and dandy.

In unofficial talk, as reported by IGN, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said to the Times in the UK, “Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

Paranoia? Not quite. It may have taken a while since the seventh-gen debuts, but in 2012, the PS3 finally outshipped the 360. Slow and steady may have won the race – the XBox 360 was launched a full year earlier than the PlayStation 3.

So with reports that the eighth-gens are anywhere from plans on paper to ready-to-launch, is second place the first loser… or first winner? Officially, no one knows… yet.


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