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GotGame Daily News Update: Down With DmC And Up With The Console Wars



Welcome to the GotGame Daily News Update. Today is Monday, January 21st, 2012.


Amidst the DmC controversies is a petition for its removal.

Sony is letting Microsoft take the first proverbial punch in the next generation of console wars.

More XBOX 720 specs have been released.

Those stories and more tonight.

But first, a few quick news bytes.

Street Fighter X Mega Man has finally received an unofficial version for Mac computers. You can get the link here: Mac SF X MM 

Near the end of February we will be seeing a God of War: Ascension single-player demo.

Amazon is listing a “Scribblenauts Collection” on their website for release on February 26th in North America for $29.99.

Achievements for the Scott Pilgrim DLC that never came have popped up on the XBOX Live Arcade.

Dragon’s Dogma: Arisen, the expansion for Dragon’s Dogma, will be launching in Japan on April 25th according to a Famitsu live stream. Capcom has not confirmed this launch date.

and finally The Wii U deluxe set is getting a small discount this week at Target. Gamers can get the console for $330 instead of the normal $350 price point.

Miner Wars 2081 has received its first major patch. It adds offline single-player mode for the Steam version, optimizations and fixes for bugs, and two free add ons. One fix not in the patch is for low performance issues, even with high end computers. The issue: having one integrated graphics card and one external graphics card. The fix for now is to disable the integrated graphics card via the BIOS, but the team is working on a solution so that it won’t be necessary to do this.


The new DmC has come under a lot of fire recently from fans saying that it doesn’t hold true to the original. Apparently the contempt for the game has risen to the point of one gamer making a petition to have Obama pull the game off of store shelves.

“Dear Mr. Obama: As a consumer to the Video Game Industry there is one Video Game that has caused a lot of controversy over the past few month’s.

The name of the game is DmC: Devil May Cry made by Ninja Theory and Capcom. A majority of gamer’s are aggravated that this game has changed so much from it’s past predecessors and the game actually insults the consumers in-game.

We, as consumers did not want nor need this reboot and we believe it violates our rights to have a choice between the original’s or the reboot. This game is violating our rights as a consumer and we believe it should be pulled off shelves from game stores due to it’s insulting nature and the fact that it violates our rights.

Please Mr. Obama, look into your heart and make the decision that will please us Gamers.”

And I wonder why game companies don’t want to be original. *sigh*


You better watch out Sim City beta testers, EA has every right to ban you from all of its games. You heard right, in the EULA for the Sim City beta states that if you don’t report a bug, EA has the right to ban you because you’re no better than someone who exploits it apparently.

“If you know about a Bug or have heard about a Bug and fail to report the Bug to EA, we reserve the right to treat you no differently from someone who abuses the Bug. You acknowledge that EA reserve the right to lock anyone caught abusing a Bug out of all EA products.”

Oh EA. I understand where you’re coming from but you aren’t paying these people to test your game. And no, it’s not a “privilege” to be able to beta test the game. So quit being jerks. Seriously.


Sony will be late to the next generation console party again this time around. Not because of reasons out of their control, but because they don’t want Microsoft making something better. In an interview with the Times, CEO Kazuo Hirai spilt the beans on his company’s plan:

“Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

That’s really cute. It would be funny if this turned into a “No YOU go first” type of thing. We may never see next gen console then, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.


The aged company Atari, that’s been around since what seems the dawn of time, is filing for bankruptcy. No, they’re not going under. Atari Inc. just wants to split from mom and dad, A.K.A. Atari S.A., and get on with growing. All assets will be liquidated within the next three to four months, including the famed logo and classic games.


Finally, there’s some leaked specs for the XBOX 720 wandering around the internet. Apparently the console will feature an AMD CPU with 8 cores that runs at 1.6GHz each. It will also have 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. The GPU will run at 800MHz and the console will have a built-in hard drive.

Rumors about the built in Kinect 2.0 may be true as this rumor states the next gen console will include a “high fidelity natural user interface sensor”.




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