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Operation Rainfall’s original mission FINALLY FINISHED! Pandora’s Towers come to the USA this Year!

pandoras-tower-walkthrough-coverThe original creators of Operation Rainfall should be right fully jumping for joy right now as Pandora’s Tower is finally coming stateside this year, thanks to Xseed, and finally finishing the mission they started about two years ago.

For those that do not know or remember Operation Rainfall was a campaign created by Japanese RPG fans to convince Nintendo of America to release 3 highly wanted role playing games (Xenoblade, The Last Story, and of course Pandora’s Tower) to the US. Last year finally saw some fruition of the fan movement as Nintendo finally published Xenoblade in April 2012, and Xseed publishig The Last story a few months later in August.

And now Xseed has annouced, as reported by Japanator , that they will also published Pandora’s Tower to the US as wall, finally giving the fans all three games they craved for years. No firm release date has been set but Xseed did target a spring 2013 time frame for the game but we’ll keep you posted for when they do announce a date.

Thank you Xseed for publishing Pandora’s Tower to the US! And a special thank you to Operation Rainfall, for without you we may have never gotten the chance to play these role playing games.




  • Josh Boykin January 16, 2013 at 8:58 PM

    Awesome to hear! Going to be the last Wii release, it seems?

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