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access_time January 15, 2013 at 6:00 AM in Features by John Speerbrecker

Five Games That I Want on the Wii U


The Wii U has been out for almost two months. We haven’t heard much coming from the Nintendo Camp regarding new releases. According to gamefaqs.com, there are only 5 games scheduled to come out in the next few months. It would seem that there might need to be a few ideas to help this system gain some traction and I have chosen a few titles that would not only expand the Wii U’s base, but provide the experience that you cannot have on other systems.


Obviously, one of the first games on this list is the Fatal Frame series. You get an mature adventure with a horrific backdrop that will satisfy the core gaming demographic that Nintendo desperately needs. Not only that, but you will be able to use the controller as the camera that when you look at the pad, you will be able to scope out the phantasms and take their pictures. This title should have been a given at launch to help show the capabilities of the system. Just picture (ahem) that you can play the game as usual, and as soon as you look through the camera (using AR tech, of course), see below.


Pokemon Snap, even though it is another camera based game also would be an amazing fit for this rebirth of a classic. Not to mention that people have been clamoring for another sequel for over a decade. You will be able to ride the rail and snap shots of all those little critters to help get your nostalgia fix and at the same time give the next generation a Pokemon fans a chance to see what its all about.


One game that would be very interesting to see on the Wii U is the classic Night Trap. Even though this game was by all means horrible, The format of the Wii U would be the perfect fit for this title. Imagine the game pad being your dashboard of all of the video feeds within the poorly driven, B-Movie Story. You would play the game witnessing all that is happening via closed circuit on the game pad. Would this be the best use of the peripheral? It seems pretty simple, but it is a great way to try your hand at editing and controlling how the story will unfold.


The uDraw might have missed its opportunity to be a great success on the Wii but with the addition of the Game Pad, it would make sense to have all of the games compatible with the uDraw made for use on the Wii U. Of course there are the drawing suites that you can doodle on. But there are also games like Pictionary that will be a great party favorite and it will solve the problem that existed with the Wii version where the everyone playing had to look away from the tv at the same time in order to keep the secret hidden. The Wii U version will allow players to see what is going on in the game and limit the chances of cheaters faking their way to winning.

images (1)images

Fossil Fighters would have to be the must have to truly utilize the system. Imagine the chance of being able to use the game to control everything that is going on in the main screen and then have the game pad act as the connecting point where you will not only be able to manage your inventory of dinosaur parts, but you would also be able to use it as the mini game screen where you will get to tap on the pad to chisel out fossils to create new dinosaurs.


This just scratches the surface of possibilities that can be capable with the Wii U, not withstanding licensing relationships and system saturation requirements in order to make this happen. The biggest drawback of these games is that they are betting on the game pad as an essential peripheral. We have seen other developers in the past that try to build their base by using whatever tool they feel adds a dynamic new way of playing. If you are to use the Kinect as a benchmark, it has done a lot in the way of creating a new way to experience games. But in the end, has there been software that has made you feel like it is more of a gimmick than providing a long lasting experience that would keep the disc in the tray?

Let’s hope they get it figured out, and quick.


  • Ryan Bates January 15, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    I’m still shocked that so many people want to defecate (to use the nice word) on the Wii U. Are you telling me that the XBox 360 and/or PS3 had a ton of A-list titles when it first came out?

    Within the next few months we’ll have:
    Injustice: Gods Among Us
    Lego City Undercover
    Pikmin 3
    Rayman Legends
    The Amazing Spider-Man
    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

    Let us not be so quick to write off the Wii U, all you Nintendo Naysayers.

  • Ryan Bates January 15, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    However, you mentioned Pictionary, and I have long been in favor of an “Anticipation 2” so in that aspect that’s a smart move.

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