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access_time January 14, 2013 at 12:24 PM in News by Adam Larck

Nintendo States Wii U GamePad Not Copy of iPad

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When you take a look at the Wii U GamePad, it might be easy to chalk it up to an iPad knockoff.

However, while speaking to Nikkei Simbun, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata stated that the company was talking about the second screen for a console back in 2008.

“We began talking about having another screen being a good idea around 2008,” Iwata said. “We thought thoroughly about our other options, but in the end, this was the idea which was the most logical for us. So, in 2009, just as we began to press forward with this idea, sure that we were on the right track, this thing called an ‘Ipad’ came into the world.

“So, 2.5 years after the debut of the Ipad, when we were announcing the Wii U, it was the start of the tablet boom, the reaction was, ‘Nintendo’s just added a tablet to a game console, and there’ll be no revolution this time.’ Even though we’d been working on dual screens prior to the release of tablets, it looked like we were just following a trend.”

If you look at Nintendo’s past trends, this does make sense. The DS already had the two-screen interface for awhile, and bringing it to consoles made sense for the company.

What’s your take on the GamePad copying the iPad?


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