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God of War: Ascension Takes the Gore Online: Impressions of the MP Beta


For some gamers the idea of God of War as a multiplayer game would seem blasphemous. “A transgression against the Gods” (but then again isn’t that what Kratos is all about?). And then there are some might feel it just might not work very well. However, after a few hours with the beta I can honestly say that any feelings of worry fans might have had with the multiplayer should be eased. At least mine are.

The first initial feelings I had was that this is indeed a God of War game. This time, though, you get to rip your friends apart. This is the first time God of War took the battle online so it’s a bit tough to compare it to older titles. All I can really say is that the controls are smooth and responsive and although you don’t play as Kratos his brutal nature is ever present. The intense feeling of battle is as strong as it was in the singleplayer of the previous titles.

I ended up not really missing playing as Kratos. My character and I carried on his spirit with every crushed skull and split open rib cage we dished out. It was a bit weird though having to choose a team of either Zeus or Ares. I mean we all know our final confrontation with them didn’t conclude over tea and a friendly farewell. Those weren’t high fives I was throwing at Zeus in the end of God of War 3, that’s for sure. So picking a side was kind of awkward. But that’s just me.

It’s hard to say what the weakness of the multiplayer is since it is only a beta with limited features. It ran pretty smoothly with little hiccups. The respawn command seemed to lag a bit though. When the command option pops up it takes a couple seconds before you can actually input it and get back into the game. It was weird but it’s no big deal and I’m sure that’ll be fixed before release. If anything the only down sides I had were the same as just about every multiplayer game out there. Rage quitters or being on a team that might not follow the objectives. You know, the same ol’ stuff we’ve all dealt with.

Overall I had a hard time stopping myself from playing. It was fun and in the end that’s all that should really matter, right?

Others might still be worried that making a multiplayer will take away from the singleplayer. But I have faith that the people behind God of War: Ascension are able to bring in another great singleplayer experience and a fun multiplayer.

We’ll be bringing you a full preview of God of War: Ascension soon so check back with us here at GotGame.


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