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Reasons Given Why Pokemon X/Y Aren’t on Wii U

by on January 10, 2013


The Pokemon Company spoke to Game Informer this week to discuss why the recently announced Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are on the 3DS and not on the Wii U.

J.C. Smith, director of consumer marketing for the Pokémon Company International said, “traditionally Game Freak has always loved the game to be on a portable device because of the communication, trading, and the experience of taking this adventure with you. That’s why they’ve always prioritized a portable version of the game first. They’ve always liked what you can do in the real world with that.”

Asked about why there hasn’t been a traditional Pokemon game on a console, Smith stated that it’s up to the creators on what they want to do.

“Every time I’ve heard them talk about it, it’s been about the portable experience, taking the adventure with you, being able to share it with friends, communicate, trade, battle – really encouraging that interaction,” added Smith.

Should there be a legit Pokemon game made for the Wii U? Share your thoughts.

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