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GotGame Daily News Update: Toxic Bioware Community, CC Suikoden Fans, And More



Welcome to the GotGame Daily News Update. Today is Thursday, January 10th, 2013.


Toxic community drives BioWare writer away


Konami responds to Suikoden fans

But first a few quick news bytes.

The Cave, Double Fine’s upcoming title, is now available for pre-order on Steam. Players who pre-order will get items for the Engineer class in Team Fortress 2, which you can see below.


Seventy-five percent of parents think that video games are responsible for actual violence according to a survey released by Common Sense Media. Can we say lack of responsibility?

Sony will be opening up a U.S. Playstation store on the web later this month, giving users the ability to look at and buy games using a browser instead of their PS3.


Now back to your regularly scheduled news posts.

Tomorrow, Friday the 11th, Vice President Joe Biden will be speaking with Michael Gallagher, the top gun of the Entertainment Software Association. Apparently along with looking at banning assault rifles and asking whether or not mental health services are readily available, the legislation Biden wants to put into effect will also take into account the role of violent media in mass shootings. Hopefully this will not turn the gaming industry into a Caillou infested mess. (Look it up)



Nyko has developed a battery pack for the Wii U which gives you up to three times the battery life of that of the stock battery. They also have what is called th U Boost, which attaches to the back of the GamePad and doubles the battery life of the GamePad, it also comes with a pop out kickstand and fits in the Wii U charging dock. Both items will be available for $24.99 next month.



After fan uproar about Suikoden, Konami tweeted a response to their disgruntled fans:

Dear Suikoden fans, It’s incredible to see the outpouring of support from our fans for the Suikoden series… We love Suikoden, too! In fact, we have several huge fans in Konami’s own offices… Sadly, we have no new announcements regarding the Suikoden series at this time… We appreciate the feedback and encourage an open and honest discussion with you, our fans, on as many channels as possible… So please, continue to let your opinion be heard! We are listening. & for those that haven’t played this classic RPG series, Suikoden 1 is currently avail for download as a PS1 Classic on PlayStation Network.




We all know that the internet is a place for cats, porn, and people in their early twenties and teens to go on 4chan or Reddit and abuse the hell out of each other. But for the rest of the world that likes to live a sane life, the internet can be too much. David Gaider, BioWare writer, is one of those people. The last straw has finally come and what he calls the “toxic community” of the Bioware Social Network has become too much. Gaider claims that the BSN makes him feel bad about the games he writes for as well as himself unfortunately. Despite the cacophony, Gaider says amidst it all there are some intelligent people there but all the noise just seems to blend things together.



Finally, we’ve got a trailer for the new Professor Layton game, Professor Layton And The Azran Legacies.


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