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Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo Coming Jan. 17


Nintendo today revealed that a demo for the upcoming 3DS title Fire Emblem: Awakening is coming to the eShop on Jan. 17.  The game is currently scheduled for a full retail and digital release on Feb. 4.

In Awakening, the story takes place in the kingdom of Ylisse and centers on Lord Chrom, the brother of Ylisse’s Holy Ruler. Chrom leads the Shepherds, a band of soldiers who defend the borders of Ylisse from Plegian bandits. Players create a custom avatar and play as Chrom’s right-hand man who is deeply ingrained in the main storyline.

Nintendo also revealed that the game will have downloadable content in the form of new maps, with the first one being available for free on launch day while others will come down the line at different price point.  The content will be downloadable through the Outrealm Gate located on the in-game world map, which will be unlocked after the player completes the fifth mission in the main story mode. The content will include additional information about new class types, skills, playable characters, maps with new storylines and special maps that let players earn more experience points, gold or other rare items.

Fire Emblem: Awakening will also include SpotPass and StreetPass functionality.  SpotPass will let users gain new content for free from Nintendo with maps, storylines, items and new characters getting distributed in the launch timeframe.  StreetPass will let players exchange game data with other players, with StreetPass Team, which can be setup, will be made up of 10 units from an existing team in a story mode. Players the option to recruit the team leader with gold, buy any weapons or items the team is carrying or battle and win to recruit the leader for free. Like the random battles in the main story mode, the player will have full control of battles in StreetPass mode. Players will also earn “renown” based on battles won. A players’ “renown” is visible to other players through StreetPass.


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