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Pre-Owned Wii Us Retain Previous eShop Purchases

by on January 4, 2013


Well for anyone who has purchased a second-hand Wii U, we’ve got some interesting news for you.  According to Kotaku, various Wii U owners have been reporting that they have been able to download previously purchased eShop titles on their used Wii U consoles.

NeoGaf user DNS2K made the posting after receiving a Wii U that had already been wiped clean, only to discover that he could nab a whole batch of downloadable titles.

“Whoever owned the console before me purchased multiple games, meaning all the games he purchased are available to redownload for free….This is with a new account btw I setup as well. Games are clearly linked to Console itself. Advice to those buying a second hand WiiU’s…check all the games on the Store…you might be in for some “free” games!”

So with Nintendo having stated that downloaded games would be tied to the Wii U in which they were bought from, we guess that’s true no matter what.


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