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Razer’s New Sabertooth Controller Aims to Take a Bite Out of Xbox 360 Games.

by on January 3, 2013

Rzr_Sabertooth back

Looking for a new Xbox controller? Have a spare $80 to buy one? If so you will probably want to check out Razer’s newest controller for the 360, The Sabertooth.

The Sabertooth is no ordinary controller, in fact it will give you the edge over just about any game or person you may be playing against (unless they have one too). The Sabertooth features six programmable buttons, including two extra shoulder buttons, and two unique underside rocker buttons (pictured above). The 6 extra buttons are able to replicate any of the original Xbox’s standard button functions. Another killer feature of the Sabertooth is its built-in OLED display (I know, it seems as if everything is getting an OLED display these days). The display can be used to save various configurations and setups for different games, and can be used to adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks.

The Sabertooth is available now for $79.99, and for those of you who had purchased the Razer Onza controller, well you will be able to take another $10 off of that price, thanks to the Sabertooth step-up program.  For more information, head on over to Razer’s website.


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