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GotGame Daily Tech Update: Sprint Monthly Contract, Sony Cable Killer, And More

mars-panorama-pathfinder_1073_600x450Welcome to the GotGame Daily Tech Update. Today is Thursday, January 3rd, 2013.


Sprint dishing out pay as you go plan

Is it possible to get Alzheimers from a trip to Mars?

Sony’s cable t.v. killer.

and more

But first a few quick news bytes.

Jeramiah Perkins, leader of the IMAGINE BitTorrent piracy ring, was sentenced January 3rd, 2013, to five years in prison. The group was illegally capturing new releases in movie theaters using infrared and FM receivers along with camcorders.

Facebook has updated it’s messenger app for Androi and iOS to allow users to upload voice messages up to a minute in length and send it to their friends. Canadian users on an iOS device can make free calls using the app over a WiFi or cellular data connection as well.

On January 23rd, T-Mobile will be getting the BlackBerry Curve 9315. It’s got a QWERTY keyboard, 3.2 megapixel camera, an FM tuner, and a price of $50 after a mail in rebate with two-year contract.

CNET will be streaming coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show. You can find the link to the live stream as well as the days and times the stream will be live below.

Monday, Jan. 7th – Press conferences streamed live at cnet.com/live:

8:00 AM – LG Electronics
9:00 AM – Sharp
10:00 AM – Panasonic
11:00 AM – VOXX
12:00 PM – NETGEAR
1:00 PM – Intel
2:00 PM – Samsung
3:00 PM – Dish
4:00 PM – Ford
5:00 PM – Sony
Tuesday, Jan. 8

3:00 PM: The Next Big Thing SuperSession: The Post-Mobile Future:  Mapping the Next Frontier of Consumer Electronics. (North Hall, Room N255-N257).  Hosted by Molly Wood and Brian Cooley, this annual standing-room-only panel brings together industry visionaries to discuss the future of devices and services that keep consumers always connected.
4:30 PM:  LL COOL J, star of CBS’s hit drama series NCIS: LOS ANGELES, will be interviewed by CNET’s Brian Tong at the CNET Stage, where they will talk about Boomdizzle’s Liquid MyConnect Studio app.
9:00 PM: CNET will host an invite-only party at the Hard Rock Hotel featuring the contemporary disco band Escort.
Wednesday, Jan. 9

10:00 AM: The official “Best of CES” Awards finalists announcement at CNET Stage (South Hall 3, upper level lobby). The awards recognize the most buzz-worthy and innovative products at the show. Voting for People’s Voice Award will remain open until 10:00 AM on Jan. 11. Votes can be submitted at http://www.cnet.com/pv.
3:00 PM: “The Next Interface: You” Panel (South Hall 3, upper level lobby).  Hosted by CNET’s Editor-in-Chief of Reviews Lindsey Turrentine and Editor at Large Brian Cooley, the discussion will include Fitbit CEO James Park, Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald and Nest founder and VP of Engineering Matt Rogers. The panelists will discuss the promise and potential pitfalls of the body as an interface.
Thursday, Jan. 10

11:00 AM: The official “Best of CES” Awards Winners announcement and awards presentation at CNET Stage (South Hall 3, upper level lobby) and live webcast athttp://www.cnet.com/ces.

At EVA Restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, if you turn over your phone you get a 5% discount on your meal. The process is voluntarily, so don’t worry about being forced to part with the love of your life.

And now to your regularly scheduled news cast.

Polaroid has announced a tablet aimed for kids. The tablet will run Android 4.0, has built in parental controls that monitor web browsing and will have 35 preloaded apps and media streaming. They plan to show it off at the Consumer Electronics Show. You can learn more about the tablet and purchase it for $150 below.


Apparently Sony will be announcing a broadband TV service later this year according to Variety. The service will be in direct competition with cable, offering multiple channels from different companies that will be streamed over the internet. Other than that, not much is known about the service. It could be possible that Sony will integrate this service with their next generation console, the PS4, codenamed Orbis. But like this broadband service, the console is still vaporware for now.


Microsoft recently updated their Skype app for Windows Phone. Messenger has been retired and users can message their buddly list in the app. When Skype is closed, calls can be received, however this is still a “work in progress”. Another downside is that integration with Windows Phone’s People Hub has been temporarily snuffed by the update. Microsoft is working to fix this problem.


Traveling to space has been one of the things that a lot of people dream about. Boldly going where no human has gone before. But, what if it could give you Alzheimer’s? A study published in PLOS One takes a gander at the effects of comisc radiation on mice. The result? Cognitive impairment with symptoms similar to Alzheimers. Twenty-nine male mice and 20 female mice were exposed to controlled doses of radiation. Males were monitored for six months while scientists kept watch over the females for only three and a half months. Behavioral and memory tests were conducted during these times. Theses tests provided the result that the mice’s cognitive capabilities had decreased.


Google came out basically unscathed from an investigation into whether or not they were manipulating their own search results. Google was found not guilty, but that came with a few costs. Google promised to stop scraping reviews as well as other data from their competitor’s websites pertaining to Google’s own products, advertisers are allowed to export data to evaluate advertising campaigns independent of Google, and Google can no longer request sales bans when they sue companies dealing with standard essential patents.


And finally, Sprint will be starting it’s own pay as you go phone service starting January 25th for $70. Unfortunately consumers can not bring their existing Sprint phones over to this new service, but must chose from a selection of phones eligible for monthly contracts. The LG Optimus Elite and the Samsung Victory are two of the phones being offered, Elite for $150 and the Victory for $250. Neither of which will have 4G LTE capabilities.


Here’s your questions for the day:

Should Google have gotten more than just a slap on the wrist?

Will Sony’s broadband streaming service really be competition for cable? Will it even be received well when users can already stream video from their computers?

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

That’s it for the GotGame Daily Tech update. Thanks for listening and tune in again tomorrow! Also don’t forget to check out the GotGame Daily Video Game Update for your gaming news.


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