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access_time December 31, 2012 at 12:24 PM in Culture by Ryan Bates

Prepping for Level 2013: Gaming Resolutions for the New Year


With under 12 hours left in 2012, it’s time to start making those New Year’s Resolutions, and taking over/under bets on when other people will break theirs. (Hey, I’m in Vegas, it’s what we do.) And as I come up on the back end of my first year with GotGame, I thought it might be a great idea to get some Gaming Resolutions going to make GotGame a better site with better gamers.

And for once, I’m not making any bets. They just might complete them this year. I have faith.

I would never make someone do what I wouldn’t be willing to do, so here’s my list:

  1. I was brought on as a Nintendo correspondent, and I think I’ve done a halfway decent job with the Wii U, but I still don’t have a 3DS. I’m going to fix that before the end of my first year in March.
  2. I was also brought on as a correspondent on gaming culture. I was able to get some of that out on the site, including my Black Friday series “Call of Duty: Black Friday Ops,” news on GaymerCon (now titled GaymerX), and various columns in “This Is Your (Extra) Life” and “Top X List.” I’m going to do more of that, including (fingers crossed, kids) more celebrity interviews.
  3. I’m also going to get more knowledgeable about what’s going on with other systems, especially downloadables. Can’t live in a box.
  4. E3 is coming up, and I resolve to bring great E3 coverage, since this year I kinda know what to expect. I also resolve to bring back the Epic Win Awards, GotGame’s stamp of approval for E3 participants.
  5. I resolve to get through my Stack of Shame. I know a lot of you have one of these… it’s that stack of games you own but just haven’t gotten around to. And mine’s getting pretty deep, so it’s time to weed through that and give those games a play (and a beat).
  6. And finally, keep pushing for a port of Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle. Just call me an Army of One.


I had some volunteers on staff (okay, I volunteered them) who helped me with their own resolutions.


Ramon Aranda, editor-in-chief

  1. Finally pick up Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns.
  2. Make it a point to buy a rack to put my games in (they currently reside in various places).
  3. Catch up on my Stack of Shame.
  4. Get the GotGame podcast restarted.


Andrew Kent, news editor

  1. Code a game myself.
  2. Actually try to keep up with all the games constantly released.


Adam Larck, amazing everything guy

  1. Catch up on my Stack of Shame.
  2. Top 100,000 Achievement Points!


Josh Boykin, staff writer

  1. Beat one game a month (100% run is a whole different thing though).
  2. Start my own YouTube Channel!
  3. Start a game-loaning program with my catalog of games so my friends can enjoy them too! [Writer’s note: I’m for that. Do I have to return them? Heh.]
  4. And yes, plow through my Stack of Shame.


As you can see, this is why we work as a team here at GotGame! What are your gaming resolutions for the New Year?

From all of us at GotGame, we wish all of our readers a fun (but safe!) New Year’s Eve, and all the best in gaming and beyond in 2013!



  • ubernaut December 31, 2012 at 6:45 PM

    Great post! 2013 should be a big year for GotGame.

  • Ryan Bates January 1, 2013 at 11:34 AM

    “Should?” I don’t need that namby-pamby wishy-washy talk around here! 2013 WILL be a big year for GotGame! 🙂

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