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Official ‘GTA V’ & ‘Vice City’ Merchandise Now Available

by on December 30, 2012

GTA V Shirt

If you like Grand Theft Auto and can’t wait for its newest chapter to come out, listen up! Rockstar loves their fans and that’s why they’ve put up some official apparel, to go with GTA V’s launch in spring, for pre-order. Right now we’re talking about just two stylish tees that feature the game’s logo, but it’s likely that the closer we’ll be to release, the more items will become available.

GTA Vice City CollectionIf that wasn’t enough, or if you prefer the vibe of the 1980’s, you can also check out the Vice City Anniversary Collection! Apart from cotton shirts are up for grabs also pins, a head band, Rubik’s Cube and a beach ball. In short, Rockstar’s Warehouse offers something for everyone.

And what kind of merchandise would you like to see? More posters? Envelopes with stamps? An artbook? Or perhaps a signed golf club? Let us know in the comments below!

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