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Review | Street Fighter X Mega Man


It seems that if people want Mega Man games, they’re going to have to make them themselves.  This is the story of Street Fighter X Mega Man.  A young fan from Singapore named Seow Zong Hui developed a demo for Street Fighter X Mega Man and showed it to Capcom’s top brass.  Capcom was so impressed that they decided to work with Seow on the project and distribute it via their official site.  Can amateurs do it better than the pros?

Street Fighter X Mega Man is a classic side scrolling adventure modelled after Mega Man’s 8 bit adventures complete with blocky sprites and a chiptune soundtrack.  This is Mega Man 4 style Mega Man, meaning that Mega Man can charge his shots and slide along the ground.  The game looks and feels incredibly authentic.  If you didn’t know better, and you were able to play with an NES controller, you might believe this was from the 8 bit era of gaming.


The key difference between this and older Mega Man games is the inclusion of Street Fighter characters.  Instead of Robot Masters, Mega Man is battling Street Fighter characters.  There is no explanation for this battle, but that’s perfectly fine.  Mega Man goes through 8 Street Fighter themed stages, fights Street Fighter characters, and steals their powers for his own use.

Each stage does a great job of identifying itself with the camera.  Crimson Viper’s stage is full of high tech traps while Ryu battles you in an ancient Japanese castle.  Each stage has its own enemies to overcome, and very little is borrowed from older Mega Man games.  The backgrounds and most of the enemies are all custom made for this game which is pretty impressive for a fan made title. The 8bit renditions of Street Fighter tunes are music to any classic gaming fan’s ears.


The level designs themselves are a mixed bag.  Crimson Viper’s stage offers plenty of creative gimmicks and an epic set piece that rivals some of the better sequences in the Mega Man series.  Other stages, like Blanka’s, are exceptionally bland without anything especially memorable.  While Street Fighter X Mega Man is clearly better than 90+% of fan made projects, it’s not quite up to the level of games like Mega Man 9 and 10.  Of course, that’s pretty reasonable considering the project’s origins and its pricepoint.

The highlights of Street Fighter X Mega Man are its boss battles.  It’s simply a joy to see Chun-Li, Blanka, and Rolento as 8 bit sprites and to hear their fuzzy midi battle cries.  Street Fighter’s bosses are a bit more unpredicatble than Robot Masters making battles less about pattern recognition and more about quick reflexes.


There is one bizarre and giant flaw in Street Fighter X Mega Man.  The game features no save feature.  If you want to see this adventure through, you’ll have to do it in one sitting.  While Street Fighter X Mega Man can be completed in about an hour by Mega Man enthusiasts, its difficulty may leave others frustrated and unwilling to see the adventure through.  The game may be free, but that’s no excuse to be lacking such an incredibly basic feature.

Despite a couple of flaws, Street Fighter X Mega Man is one of the best games you’ll find that is truly free, without ads or constant demands to buy add ons.  It’s not up to the standard of Mega Man’s previous adventures, but it’s far better than we have any right to expect


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    this game makes me want a pc.

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